Room 1 (fireplace room):Drums in studio room 1

25m2 and 2.5 m high acoutically treated room with a short echo which suits the band to record a live take with proper in-ear monitoring system.
Next to the room there is 4m2 and 10m2 side rooms, where can be done guitar amplifier micings  to achieve the required professional separate sound between the different musical instruments.

Room 2 (bar hall):Studio room 2

70m2 and 3-meter-high room with a comfortable and open wooden tone. Suitable for acoustic and demanding recording, which requires holding a soft natural tone. For example, the choir, the 10-person acoustic band, drums, acoustic piano.
Next to this room there is many smaller rooms, when you need to isolate micings between live playing.



Room 1 contains a pool table and Room 2 contains wood-heated sauna. Accommodation free of charge to those in need, but always inquire about accommodation in advance.
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